Queer as Punk: Gritty, Dirty, Nasty Fun (with Demi Wylde)

Showcase Theatre

What is it about the punk and the goth scenes that is so appealing to queer kids? This week I caught up with author, podcaster, and entrepreneur Demi Wylde to help explore that very question. I got to find out all about his teen years growing up in the southern California city Riverside, and the refuge that […]

The history of G-A-Y (with Jeremy Joseph)

jeremy joseph

When most people think of G-A-Y, the iconic club night that has hosted performances from such superstars as Kylie Minogue, Spice Girls, Madonna, and my personal favourites Daphne & Celeste, they think of The Astoria, the central London music venue that hosted the night from when it started in the 90s up until the late […]

Sex work, white cis-men, and dark, dark rooms (with Tim Lagman)

tim lagman

On this episode we talk to Tim Lagman, a certified sex educator and pleasure advocate based in Toronto, Canada. Tim also hosts the ‘Sex Ed with Tim’ podcast, where he interviews sluts (his word, not mine!) from all walks of life and delves into the good, the bad, and the stinky sides of love, sex, […]