“When I Think About A Gay Bar…” – with Mike and Kyle from Gayish podcast

mike and kyle

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Normally when I sit down to talk to my guests we have a bit of chit-chat to break the ice and ease us in before we get going. 

But, occasionally, the chit-chat turns in to something very interesting and I have to scrabble to press record whilst making sure we don’t lose the rhythm of the conversation.

Which is what you will find with the start of this week’s episode, where Mike, one half of the presenters of the Gayish podcast started to tell me about going out to the gay bar R Place in Seattle with his then wife… 

And, if the conversation is getting good before you’ve even started recording then you know you’re in for a good episode!

I talk with Mike, and his co-host Kyle, all about how they first met, how to spot a Seattle gay, and we reminisce about standing on the pavement at the end of the night after you’ve been kicked out of the pub scouring around for someone to go home with….