Tell me about a lost space...

It’s more than a podcast. It’s a movement.

In the last decade, thousands of LGBTQ+ venues have closed. We’re here to get the word out about the ones that have been lost.  

I want to compile the most comprehensive record of lost queer spaces, but I need your help!

Sharing your photos, stories and memories will help me to document what made each space unique.

Treat it like a mini-interview of the Lost Spaces podcast – tell me what made the space special, but also share any funny stories or anecdotes about you and your time there. I will credit you in the story, and provide a link to your blog or website, unless you want to remain anonymous.

Questions with a red star are required. All others are optional.

By adding your story here, you are agreeing that Lost Spaces can publish it. You agree that all work here is your own and that it does not violate anyone’s copyright. I may edit your story for clarity or for legal purposes if necessary. However the essence of what you have written will not be compromised.