Trash Palace, London (with Quiet Choir)

quiet choirSpread over two floors, Trash Palace was THE drinking place of choice for alternative queers for a hot minute in the mid-00s, and is another of central London’s disappearing bars (thanks largely to higher rents)…

I caught up with Quiet Choir to talk about the skills needed for flirting, the halcyon days of myspace and projectile vomiting down Charing Cross Road.

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Quiet Choir  00:00

I think I did that once. And that was a disaster as well. I haven’t done that again since.

K Anderson  00:09

Hello, my name is K Anderson and you are listening to lost spaces, a podcast that mourns the death of queer nightlife. Every episode I talked to a different person about a venue from their past, the memories they created there and the people that they used to know. Quiet choir, a London based minimalist prog rock band. choir choir is also the name of the band’s front person who I met up with to talk about trash palace, a relatively short lived bar that stood on Wardour street in London’s Chinatown in the mid naughties. What is notable about trash palace is that it was launched by Simon Hobart, the promoter behind both pop stars with Zed, and the ghetto and a catered to a more alternative crowd. Oh, and before you listen to quiet choir, and I ramble along incoherently you may want to take a listen to the episode where I interview Charlotte Richardson Andrews about the ghetto, as there’s a wee bit of overlap between the two stories. So when I first got in touch with you and told you about law spaces, and I told you about this podcast, you wanted to talk about trash palace. I did I still do you still do? Yeah. Brilliant. It’s gonna be really boring. white trash palace.

Quiet Choir  01:59

And so I thought about when he said to me, I thought the first venue that came to mind was obviously ghetto. But I thought someone with much more knowledge and stories and so on way cooler will obviously do ghetto. And then it turns out my friend Charlotte did do ghetto. So that was a good choice may stay trash palace.

K Anderson  02:21

So registering the poor cousin trash palace. The poor.

Quiet Choir  02:25

Yeah, so basically, like trash palace was where we used to go before going to get out sort of as a warm up drink thing

K Anderson  02:34

because it was more of a bar back. Yeah.

Quiet Choir  02:36

And it was quite It was like really cool to go there. And I really liked doing the walk from there to ghetto as well because like trash posters in like Wardour Street and then he’d walk past I think, if I remember properly, like Soho square, I think to get to around the back. Yes.

K Anderson  02:52

Yeah, yeah. So you’d walk up like one of the street Greek street or skits a piss alley? Yeah. Yeah. Existing. So So when was trash palace opened from?

Quiet Choir  03:06

So they go first? Yeah, I first went in 2005. And then I think the last time I probably would have went would have been at some point in 2007.

K Anderson  03:15

Oh, okay. So I thought that was quite long, actually. Well, but it’s very distinct part of your life. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. What was happening at that time?

Quiet Choir  03:25

Well, what the first time that I went there was when I was going out with Michelle who is Charlotte’s girlfriend he she talked about before Charlotte was and they actually went out after we did and they’ve been together like 14 years, so that’s fine by me. And I think Michelle was doing they did this weird thing where they were trying to get ABS it should have been 2005 free DJs essentially say what they did they like advertised it as being a competition. So that you got like, random creators going all do half hour set. What is the competition? but essentially what happened was they had a DJ DJing for half an hour. Everyone was DJing for free. And I don’t even know if they got a prize. But I think Michelle did win. But I have to find out. She actually she just won glory. Yeah, I think she won glory. And that was it. Wait, a she might not even remember she did that, say the glory campaign like that powerful.

K Anderson  04:32

And so this was the first time that you ever think that

Quiet Choir  04:35

was the first one was for that competition? That’s the first one. I remember being there.

K Anderson  04:40

And do you remember your first impressions? Yeah,

Quiet Choir  04:42

that’s pretty cool. I remember it being read. And is that an impression you read had a big impression on me. And then I remember you go went upstairs. And then I think there were two floors, but I think we always hung out on like, the first floor. But yeah, so it was cool.

K Anderson  05:02

Whenever I do like these, these interviews, I always do a little bit of like research online and generally end up on the Yelp page. And there’s still all these reviews on there from like people from like 2006 and seven, and one person was like, I probably wouldn’t have stayed as long if we didn’t get a booth.

Quiet Choir  05:24

Remember that bit? Oh, I remember that booth. There was a massive booth. But you couldn’t be in there with like one person. Maybe they


had friends.

K Anderson  05:40

So you first met Michelle through gaydar girls. Yeah. And how? How did that happen? So the thing the thing I remember most about my conversation with Charlotte, is that she didn’t have a photo on her. Yeah,

Quiet Choir  05:51

I remember she didn’t have a photo Did you have referred to I had a photo. And she liked my photo, because my photo is a picture of me. Oh, wow. Holding, I totally don’t have this fire anymore. Holding like a samurai sword like in front of my face. So you could sort of see my eyes, but the samurai sword, but she really likes like, Japanese films and stuff. And it was sort of like, yeah, so she was messaging me. But she didn’t have a picture. And I wouldn’t meet someone who didn’t have a picture because why? You can filter out doesn’t have a profile picture. Um, and then. And then I was mentioning, Michelle as well. And then when Michelle went on date, and then she said, Oh, she was like, so have you met up with anyone else from gaydar girls? I was like, No, no, I was like, who about you? Oh, well. And then she started talking about Charlotte. And she said that. She said, Well, I met one of them in real life. And they were quite fit. Because obviously she’s got a face. All right.

K Anderson  07:08

Does that make you rethink whether or not you want to meet? Oh, no.

Quiet Choir  07:14

Not too serious back in 2005.

K Anderson  07:20

But so, you’ve moved away then from online dating. You’re not interested?

Quiet Choir  07:25

Yeah, I haven’t done that for Wow. People gonna be like, how are you living? I don’t know. I think it was around would have been then. So that would have been about ours. You know?


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

K Anderson  07:43

So so like, I’m really naive. I’m gonna ask a really dumb question. What is the Grindr equivalent


for women? Oh,

Quiet Choir  07:49

I think it’s called. I think it’s cool. I think there’s one cool Brenda says, I think it’s spelt like Grindr, but brens then is in r&d. And I think I think that’s right. I could have dreamt that that’s a sort of dream. haven’t looked at it. brander Yeah. But and i have i’ve, when I’ve gone to other countries, I’ve like, looked there if I because if I’m by myself, and I think oh, you know if there’s something about I’m doing nothing. That would be cool. Go out for coffee. Same place I hadn’t seen before. But here, I’m right for that. But But I also had no one there’s also been interested in so I’ve gone away and then I haven’t had much. I think girls is funny with messaging. other girls is like, like, whatever it is, you do and they like you back and then you’re like, What? Are you gonna message me?

K Anderson  08:48

Oh, yeah, I can’t be dealing with

Quiet Choir  08:50

Yeah, and I’m just really not that bothered

K Anderson  08:54

about like, let’s get down to business. Yeah, I

Quiet Choir  08:59

think so. But I think now i’m also in a in I feel like I need someone to someone salary desperate. To be the person who makes me wrong. Yeah. Cuz is it goatee? Well, my last time so

K Anderson  09:18

what So what? Sir? Would you go well, one time so you’re giving up forever?

Quiet Choir  09:23

It was the last time Yeah. Well, no, I’m not gonna give up forever. But for for the foreseeable future.

K Anderson  09:30

You’re gonna let them come to you? Absolutely. Is that but Is that so? So I’m fascinated about this. Just in general, is like do you switch your style depending on the person and the the chemistry between you or are you just always like I am the the one to the aggressor, or I am the

Quiet Choir  09:53

Oh, no, no, no. I think it’s really depends on them. Like, like general dynamic. So I don’t really have like, a physical type by just yeah, I guess like, yeah, I think it would just be depend on who I was.

K Anderson  10:10

I find them to be, you didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell you. Like, I just get really impatient if I’m waiting for someone else to make the move. So I’m just like, I’ll do it. And I always just end up in that position. And then do you regret it afterwards? I mean, occasionally, but I hate that all the dance of it all. And I’m just like, let’s just get right down, but skip to the end. But I guess Also, I’m a bit when someone is is really forthright, and like, Hey, we should totally hook up or like, we should totally hang out. Lucky you. nothing ever happened. But in cases where that happens, I’m like, ah, like, Don’t be so pushy.

Quiet Choir  11:05

If someone did that to me, and I thought, like if I met them and those like some kind of like cosmic chemistry straight away, I be like, wow, that was amazing. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s actually ever happened when someone’s I actually honestly think that’s never happened. I think people think I’m gonna be that person. That’s like, all

K Anderson  11:25

like, hey, yeah, get in my car. Drive.

Quiet Choir  11:33

Hey, you I’ll call you an Uber. Yeah, I just don’t think I don’t really not really like that. I’m quite. I don’t know. It’s been so long. Hi. Remember what has to be chilled. But do you even know if I’m, I think maybe I’m quite intense. If I really like someone, and I think they like me, not just if I really like them and think they’re not interested. Okay.

K Anderson  11:55

You have to be sure. Yes, absolutely. But so the first time there you were with Michelle. Michelle was DJing. Probably one may not remember that. She won.

Quiet Choir  12:05

Yeah. So I can’t really you know, like, Did you win a prize? I don’t even remember that. I did that. I think she did win. But yeah, I don’t think that they gave any prizes away. Rubbish. Yeah. And they can I think they might have done it another time as well. But I thought she went in there again.

K Anderson  12:25

But so how long after that? Were you with Michelle?

Quiet Choir  12:28

Oh, it didn’t last very long. So so it was a few months. That’s quite long for me. Go with like, average for like four months or something. We’re still friends. So cool, though. Listen to this and be like, haha. Stop talking about me.

K Anderson  12:49

So after that, you became a regular at Trump palace.

Quiet Choir  12:52

And so then I don’t really remember. I think I wouldn’t have gone for quite a while. And then I think I started going probably in two properly. In 2006 men, a couple of friends. Were going to the one that was misshapes was that the Thursday ghetto. Yeah. So we would go there pretty much every Thursday. That was cool. I was living at home. I didn’t have a proper job. I was working in a cinema, you know. A job. Yeah. Oh, no, there’s nothing. That is not an unproven job. But it is when you only work two days a week. Don’t do anything else. And you live at home. You’re not paying any rent. Yeah, I wasn’t very serious. So it was like if I had, I just wouldn’t work on the Friday but right now you’re right.

K Anderson  13:35

So tell me about typical night then.

Quiet Choir  13:37

So I remember. I think Charlotte said this is about get a red stripe red stripe was very prominent. I don’t know what that was all about. And so for those who don’t

K Anderson  13:47

know, red Sharpie should be here.

Quiet Choir  13:49

Yeah. Okay. Yes, it is also a green bear. And I can’t drink it now. So I’ve got gluten allergy. So fat knows what I drink if I went there now I still be completely different. But so yeah,

K Anderson  14:01

so that like red stripe had some kind of monopoly on on London venues where it was the only drink that was offered. Is

Quiet Choir  14:10

it cuz it was cheap. I don’t know. Why don’t I’m not on the business end of like the import costs of it of the Jamaican beer where

K Anderson  14:17

the taxes were high.

Quiet Choir  14:21

So I think one of my friends day scopes I asked I was like, do you remember anything about it? She didn’t really remember much either. But she said she thought remember the beer being cheap as you didn’t have to pay for any of them. Pretty much like I think I was paying

K Anderson  14:40

were you paying for her as well? Is that why?

Quiet Choir  14:43

She met me? Oh, she many of the girls are buying her beer. She would have been great. Yeah. So we’d go there on Thursdays and then go to get her afterwards and then stay at her house because I wasn’t gonna I used to live in. When I was living home in like hinchley which which is in like Isha which is how far away is So be trained to Waterloo would be every half an hour and that would be maybe like a 35 minute train something like that. And then I think you will we’ll go from there. Maybe I’d walk to trash palace from there. But like nowadays No, that’s like that’s a big journey to go out on a night out every single week.

K Anderson  15:20

Yeah, cuz, cuz from Waterloo to there, that would be another half hour.

Quiet Choir  15:23

Yeah, sorry like that. But let’s do that like regularly, but it was like that is basically what you did. Because why else would you? Yeah, that’s where you went. It just so happened. I lived far away.

K Anderson  15:35

Yeah, that’s pretty fascinating. So what time like what time of night? Would you get there?

Quiet Choir  15:39

I might go around my friend’s house first, she lives off flight in Hammersmith. So then we’d go probably go there about seven then we would leave there to go to trash pace. I feel like seven. Seven is a you know, that sounds normal. But might that might be the house first time. And then getting there would be whenever and then we would just make sure we’re in ghetto. And it was cheaper. Because that is that right? That ghetto was like cheap before midnight, and then you had to pay loans. So whatever we did, would have been making sure that we go in before the line. And then we’d be like, you know, one of the last to leave.

K Anderson  16:17

So you’d be at trash palace, loading up wandering guy kind

Quiet Choir  16:20

of chillin out nothing like mad, like, we still be able to walk to get sensory. Now remember, last quite sensible thing.

K Anderson  16:29

But it was fun. Why do you think that culture exists? And maybe it doesn’t anymore? Because licencing laws have changed, where people go to, to a bar first to drink and then go to a club? Can you say that again? Sure. Why do you think? Why do you think that is kind of the ceremony of going out where people go to drink in one place, and then go to the club. So I think like sometimes you can go to a place first because then people might not always want to go to the club after then you can sort of see some people there. And then move on to the club ball. So I think you can talk. I mean, I mean, you can talk anywhere, but I mean, you can hear people talk in the bar before the club, the club, you’re not gonna hear anything. Yeah, he’s just gonna be dancing. Or standing in the corner. Hello cheap people. watching people dance. That didn’t really happen. Oh, okay. Oh, okay. It’s okay. Everything’s fine. Good. But there’s something magical as well. Isn’t there about like having that plan and everyone knowing that plan and going like, Alright, we’ve got to go now because we have to get there before sessions. Yeah, exactly. Men that walk in that anticipation and the hype of like, oh, we’re gonna get there and it’s gonna be amazing.

Quiet Choir  17:52

Yeah. And then you’d have the walk. from there to the bus stop home. Not wasn’t as good. A Walk was the walk to the place. Yeah, from the place. Where depends who you are with, obviously always with the same friends. Oh, see, you never you never know. No. Words. I had one random stock in. I know that was in ghetto. So I don’t need to talk about that. No, never. I was very. I know. I’m sorry. You don’t need to apologise. It’s okay. You weren’t turning me down. I would if they’re just for the record. So tell me about the friends that you were with. So there’s one friend who was scamming cheap drinks and he was that Oh, free drink. Sorry. I don’t wanna say name. Okay, so let’s make up a name. Oh, okay. Oh, that’s fun. I think of a name. And I’ll let her know that. That’s who she was. I can’t think of anything that any

K Anderson  18:58


Quiet Choir  19:00

Will that do. Carolina do. I know. Carolyn is gonna call me up and be like, carpenito Yeah, okay, so Carolina. Yeah, we’ll go to Carolina. That’s fine.

K Anderson  19:13

So was that was it to kind of like the two of you comrades going out every Thursday.

Quiet Choir  19:18

And then, then we would end up meeting loads of like, random people, but the same random people in ghetto or not like really friends with them now? I mean, we weren’t really friends. I mean, you would say hello. We’d be like, Oh, hi. Oh, hi. Yeah, that’s the end of that.

K Anderson  19:39

And so at this time in your life, you talked about working in the cinema, being a bit directionless. Those are my words, not yours. Sorry. I’m going to continue to be to project on to you. Does that mean that there was more importance placed on that night?

Quiet Choir  19:56

Oh, you know what I wasn’t. I wasn’t working in a cinema then at all. I swear. I think at this pub, and I was absolutely use use forces are useful, useless as useless. And everyone kept giving me tips as money tips, but the landlady wasn’t very happy about me getting tips. I’m

K Anderson  20:14

not really sure what that was all about because she thought they weren’t deserved.

Quiet Choir  20:18

I think that she wanted the money for her own pub rather than the customers giving me their money. Oh, yeah, it was weird. So she was just against tipping. Unless we were spending the money on buying drinks, but I’d be cycling home and I wouldn’t be able to drink in drinks. That’s how that’s how free hippie dippie I was at home. I can’t even remember what I was doing. And yeah, I think, yeah, I think I started working in cinema a bit later. And I was working in a pub then. And I would make sure I wasn’t working on the Fridays. Sorry about that. Just fine. It’s up that time.

K Anderson  20:56

But so, so yeah, like, given what was happening in your life. Was there more of like an importance placed on that on your nightlife? And on that social life because of fuck all else.

Quiet Choir  21:13

I was doing. I remember it, it was quite important. And I would Oh, it was almost like something we would religiously do. Yeah, it was just, we just did that. And then I ended up meeting. My most serious relationship person in trash palace. I didn’t hook up. We didn’t hook up.

K Anderson  21:39

We just Can we just focus on how you described the person and my most serious relationship person? I think that’s pretty nice. So Sarah says no, girlfriend. It’s most serious relationship person. Yeah. Okay.

Quiet Choir  21:56

Because any night, like, if they were very serious person. They wouldn’t know at all. But yeah, so we met in there. And that was a mutual friend at the times birthday party. Oh, yeah. And it was just before. It was around Valentine’s Day. And oh, this is our day. Oh, no, don’t you think? I forgot about that. No, I just remember that. That was big. It was around. Yes. Around Valentine’s Day. And I wasn’t going to get out. I’m not even sure if it was a Thursday might have been a different day. So this would have been Yeah. Around Valentine’s Day. 2007. I was leaving. So I was putting on my scarf. And then she was taking off of her scarf, because she just got there. And then she said to me, I think she’s Oh, are you leaving? And I was like, yeah, and she’s like, Where are you going? Or like, Where do you live? I live really far away. It’s like, She’s like, where’d you get it was like, oh, in Asia. And she was like, a show.com? Like, that’s hilarious. And I was I hadn’t actually heard that before. And it was very funny. And then she asked me if I was friends with a girl whose birthday it was. If I was her MySpace friend, and I, and I said, I was like, No, I’m her friend in real life. She’s like, no, I met Are you friends of her on my space? I was just like, yeah, so then like, I think maybe the next day, they’ll be like, sent like, so. Yeah, we might space and then we had set up like a date. But it was for me. I was like, well, it was just seemed that was an obvious big thing that was happening. Like I knew it was gonna be a good one. I knew I knew he wanted I serious relationship person.

K Anderson  23:53

So you mean like when you when the conversation started on my space, you kind of had that feeling of

Quiet Choir  24:01

in Morin. Trash palace, actually. Oh, really? Yeah. So in that conversation in the scarf, the shore.com that was it. And it was probably about five minutes long. And as long as your friends he’s really cute. And then she was like, hey, Jennifer, she’s really cute. About we found out Yeah, and so I was gonna she went back with someone else that night. disc and described our meeting she went describes how we met as being Oh, it was really magical. And I was like, but you hooked up with somebody else the same night. It was that

K Anderson  24:35

magical or you got to keep your options. Right? Yeah, exactly. So I was gonna ask you about what your flirting style Oh my style, but it sounds as though you’re quite oblivious.

Quiet Choir  24:52

Yeah, that hasn’t changed. My style. Oh, I’ve gone I’ve reverted quite far back recently. So someone recently was asking me what my type was. And no cute girl asking me what my type was. I could face Yeah, I know. Obviously, I don’t say them. And I said, so it was like, low self esteem with an air of arrogance. Like that. So people were saying, like, physically, like, what’s your type, but that doesn’t really matter to me. But now I’ve changed it to people who know who they are people who know themselves. Oh, since I’ve let go of that last one, it wasn’t working out. Don’t

K Anderson  25:38

want them to have low self esteem. I don’t want people to have low self esteem. You said that was your type. So yeah,

Quiet Choir  25:45

but it was like, you know, people who have low self esteem but not like, yeah, they don’t tell you they have an air of arrogance. That’s what you see that they’re masking. Yeah. And then, and then you find out and then you’re just like, Oh, my God, but you’re so amazing. How do you not know how amazing you are? I think you want to be with you all the time. And then they’re like, Oh, my God, you’re way too much for me. Oh, yeah. So I thought, well, now go with someone he knows himself.

K Anderson  26:13

But are you actually attracted to someone who knows?

Quiet Choir  26:18

No, no, I don’t want to. I don’t want anyone to be broken. I don’t want to save anyone. But do you though? No, I really don’t.

K Anderson  26:28

Can you stop yourself? That’s the question I’m asking. There’s no one around for me to this is me flirting. Oh, I’m plenty damaged if you want to get to work. Where did you go on your first date, then?

Quiet Choir  26:48

Oh, we went to so it was either one way round or the other. So we took one of us took one the first time and then the other took the other? That sounds weird. The second time? I think she took me to I’ll go get this right way round. Oh, yeah. She took me out for muscles. A great story in Belgo in Covent Garden. And she lives in Peckham, and we went to Belgo and at the shed a big pot of muscles, white wine, white wine, and there was a white girl, not garlic sauce, some white wine sauce thing. And then we went to a pub that I think is still there. It’s a great pub used to go used to go there quite a bit actually, as well, the Royal George. So then we went in there. And I got like a pint of lefay I mean, I don’t know that people shouldn’t give left a pint glass but I had like a cup of six. I’m not feeling quite right. And just before we got followed, or maybe you went there first, but we got followed by like a group of people like a woman and two men. And I went downstairs into the Royal job which is our first date right downstairs into the Royal George because they got like a basement area. And this woman like points at the sign in there says no smoking downstairs back in the day. So she’s like, no smoking, and it was sort of making me read it while somebody else put their hands in my bag and try to rob me and and She’s upstairs trying to get our strings. I’m down there with the bad like analysis like take your head out my fucking bag and she was like, Oh, I don’t know what you’re talking about. And then they sort of ran up the stairs and I ran up the stairs. Ralph was going Oh, they just tried to mug me. And then we relieve when we relieving to get the number 12 bus that used to never ever come ever, ever ever. So we were out there and then basically I ended up projectile vomiting from the muscles all the way down Charing Cross Road. I mean very many times like exorcise style. And then she was all go in the shop. And she went in the shop and got some baby wipes and then white sick off of my trainers. And I was like, really like me Do me like Yeah. So I think that was the first day.

K Anderson  29:25

Okay, sounds good sounds. I mean, he was he progressive. Keeping up this flirting style. Really suave. And so did you ever go to church Palace on days?

Quiet Choir  29:42

No, I think you must. I think it must have closed. I remember meeting her in there but I don’t ever remember going in there with her again.

K Anderson  29:51

So if we go back to Karolina always, Nina Cara Leah how do we pronounce this fake woman’s name anyway They know we’re talking about Dr. Carol Carolina. You said that used to go to treasure palace religiously unexpected thing. Do you remember ever one of the two of you letting the other one down?

Quiet Choir  30:17

I don’t think if one of us wasn’t able to go there, it would be like a letdown. Who’s Kara Lena had that her name is Karen Nina had. I think she had more. She had like a proper job. Yeah. So I think if that was becoming too much, or something else was too much, then it would always be, it would always be fine. It would be like, I’d be sitting at home going I can’t believe on ongoing today or anything like that.

K Anderson  30:45

But what I would like to point out now, is that you Carolina, Carolina. Had a proper job. Yeah. And you were the one buying drinks.

Quiet Choir  30:55

Oh, that’s a good point. I still am not sure if it wasn’t I don’t think I was buying her drinks and me drink.

K Anderson  31:03

Okay. Let’s talk about physically what the bar was like. So you’ve talked about it coming in going up some stairs? Yeah.

Quiet Choir  31:18

reds long. And I felt like it was kind of like modern looking. It wasn’t dingy. It was quite new look in. Obviously, that’s what modern means. And I just remember it being read over the net. I have not much a memory of what I did. Like

K Anderson  31:37

it was split over two floors.

Quiet Choir  31:39

Yeah. So I think the booth that this person was talking about with the lots of friends. I remembered that booth being that was upstairs, the second the second floor. And then the first floor was like the bar. And it was a long bar. I think it may be have had a staydry sort of thing at the end. Yeah. But my friend did the DJ thing from the little right hand corner bit. It wasn’t very busy that night.

K Anderson  32:05

And what kind of people would you expect to see when you went

Quiet Choir  32:10

to like quiz in their early 20s? I think it was a lot of girls there. Which is good. Because most places are mainly men.

K Anderson  32:19

Yeah, cuz it felt like at that time, it was much less integrated. I think places like ghetto and trash palace where that more

Quiet Choir  32:26

depends, I think depending on the days because I yeah, when I was in ghetto, I never ever thought like the ratio is really strong. Yeah. Now I way prefer going places where there’s loads more women, obviously. And then when I don’t, I always ended up getting the number of a boy, a gay boy. So I managed to do that with the gay boys. Now but yeah, and then I’m like, how does this happen? I come home with a number, not of the fee of the female species.

K Anderson  33:04

And what kind of music would you expect to hear there?

Quiet Choir  33:08

I remember that they would play a couple of songs that were you’d hear in trash palace, and then we’d hear again, in ghetto, which is cool. I don’t remember Decepticon obviously. But I don’t remember anything else but I’d always remember when that song will come on.

K Anderson  33:25

What is that? That’s the Tiguan. Oh, do you mean to think Wow Oh yeah. Oh god. Yeah. So it was that kind of alternative.

Quiet Choir  33:40

Yeah, exactly. That’s what I was into not so much like pop stuff in this for children has a play. And so was that the kind of crowd that it attracted that more on the more alternative side? Yeah, I think so. But there were on the Thursdays It was quite like yeah, like more like indie alternative nothing crazy. Not like him because like Shadow so might read it that would be more like punk or golf. So that I guess that kind of crowd would look more extreme. Yeah. Thursday, yeah, posters will go. Nothing too wild. Just casual poses. Okay. Sounds like people who thought they were really alternative but listen to the killers. I didn’t listen to the kids. No, I’m talking about they Yeah, I’m just like trying to generalise about everyone else. That was the killers. Do you remember hearing about it closing? I remember somebody told me. I have I feel like I’m seeing



Quiet Choir  34:54

and I do, but I don’t think Like my heart didn’t sink or anything. It was like, oh, that like there’s another one. Because I feel like it was after, like, ghetto and historia. And around there. I feel like that happened after. And it just felt like, Oh, that’s another place, but it’s not. But by that time, I wasn’t really good. I said, it’s my fault. I stopped going in, closes down. So yeah, I think if I was still going, and they were saying that they’re gonna like if they closed it down in 2006. I won’t peek of Thursday nights going there all the time. That would have been quite sad. And not nice.

K Anderson  35:41

Yes. This also said like construction palace wasn’t actually there for very long. Was it? Yeah,

Quiet Choir  35:46

no, I don’t think so. Yeah, so I guess it wouldn’t have had a big history behind it as well, where if you go, you’re tearing that place down? What are you doing? It’s got like a legacy. It was just like a fun time. And then that I noticed because I’d stopped going there as well. I think that can change how you feel about somewhere.

K Anderson  36:05

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