Dancing On Your Own (with Venn Smyth)

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Have you ever been clubbing on your own? Is it thrilling, exciting, or… terrifying?

If you’ve had experience standing awkwardly against the wall, unsuccessfully striking up a conversation with a stranger, or loitering at the end of the evening in the hopes of to wangling yourself an invite to an after party, then you’ll love hearing all about singer-songwriter Venn Smyth’s adventures at East London basement bar East Bloc.

We talk about the magic of London, long walks home, and deep and meaningful conversations with drunken strangers! 

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Venn Smyth  00:00

That’s all in a moment as well as you if you stay to the bitter end when everybody’s had chocolate, except it’s like, oh, well, there are some other exciting thing happening is someone having a party is there somewhere else to go? That’s sometimes when you, we might have to if you’re willing to then pluck up the courage to chat to people.

K Anderson  00:20

Hello, I am K Anderson and you are listening to lost spaces. The podcast that mourns the death of queer night life. Every episode I talk to a different person about a venue from their past, the memories are created there, and the people that they used to know. This week, I am joined by my previous guest, then Smith, a singer songwriter who writes unashamed pop with a strong message. When we last met, we talked about his student days in Edinburgh. But this time, we jumped forward a few years to his early days in London, and his experiences at the East London basement bar, East bloc, which closed in 2018. So why don’t we start off by reading the online reviews. I’ve gone on to Foursquare where a bunch of people have put their reviews and I’m gonna read them out and you let me know whether you agree with with what they’ve said, or whether it sparks any memories. So Alice said in 2016, it used to be the most amazing gay club in London, full of Queens and freaks up until 2013. I’ve been lately and it hurts to see how much it’s turned into shit. Music is awful nights are boring. What about what Alice has to say?

Venn Smyth  02:04

Wait, when? When did they say that? 2016? Dude, yeah, so that was basically when I started going. So I can’t call my I had a good time from. Yeah, well, maybe maybe it was better before, but I feel that everybody else has that. Right? Like, whenever you find somewhere and then someone’s like, Oh, yeah, it used to be so much better, like years ago. And you’re like, well, I’m having a nice time. So

K Anderson  02:31

thanks for missing on my parade. Yeah, exactly. So So now john, in 2014. JOHN, John’s a bit of a smart aleck, john says, pertains to be like a Berlin nightclub, but is nothing like one drinks are painfully expensive. Cash Only. So what do you reckon about what john has?

Venn Smyth  02:54

Man, you know, these people? Come on. It’s fun. I don’t remember the jokes be expensive. Personally. Cash Only. Maybe, maybe so.

K Anderson  03:10

Much. So Russell B says it’s small, it’s dirty. It’s sweaty. If you are off, you’re not. It’s great. No attitude place to dance.

Venn Smyth  03:24

Well, there you go. That’s what my experience of it is, as well. is quite gritty and dirty. And but I enjoyed the new attitudes and it’s a place to dance. That’s the thing I loved about the most is it like is it’s not a bar like you wouldn’t go there to chat and have nice drinks is literally a kind of red stripe. situation. And yes, quite a lot of people probably are enjoying themselves through other ways, as well. I

K Anderson  03:56

would say to other ways, I mean, like interpretive drugs

Venn Smyth  04:01

and darts. Yeah, there was dark and dark. Not dark. I don’t know there wasn’t just about jokes. Yeah, yeah.

K Anderson  04:15

Yeah, for sure. So have you ever watched darts on TV?

Venn Smyth  04:20

I have actually. Like some hire by accident. And like who enjoys it? Why don’t know, but their audience like they go wild.

K Anderson  04:30

I find it really strange. But I mean, I guess I feel that way about most sports. Anyway, so you started going in 2016 ish, or after

Venn Smyth  04:43

twins? Yeah. So when it turned shit I yeah, I think I was on the this is maybe a year or so maybe a little bit longer into my moving to London. So I had feel like I’d gotten used to London a little bit. I was first living in like new cross area. But I think I’d not long moved from there, up to Stoke Newington. Which is when I would have first gone to East block. And so I’m gonna

K Anderson  05:22

ask a really, really annoying question. Yeah. Why did you move to London?

Venn Smyth  05:29

I’m not an annoying question was it

K Anderson  05:33

is it is how do you answer? How do you answer that? Like,

Venn Smyth  05:37

wow, a relationship at the time? Which

K Anderson  05:42

you answer? Yeah,

Venn Smyth  05:44

yeah, I’m gonna I’m even my boyfriend. He got work in London, like a transfer of his work. And then I think basically, though, it was a bit of a plaster over relationship. And so we thought, well, maybe this will help. Let’s move to London. And then we promptly broke up three months later.

K Anderson  06:05

And so where are you in the same flat?

Venn Smyth  06:08

Yeah, yeah, we moved. So we’re living together. then moved to St. flats are a flat in London.

K Anderson  06:15

And London brought out the best of you.

Venn Smyth  06:18

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Sort of, yeah. You know, made it that relationship unravel? Sort of, I guess. Yeah. Not too, not too many months. But hey, we both still live in London. So I think London, one in the end. Got to keep up.

K Anderson  06:37

Okay, so. So he’d moved to Stoke Newington after a year. And that’s when you first started going to his blog. Yeah. Do you remember the first time you went there?

Venn Smyth  06:47

And I think actually, that my less I’ve been there once before. But I think my first time was actually my flat warming and my flat and stop Nuneaton. So with my new flatmate, Carl, who was living there, and a couple of our friends came over to have some cocktails and warm up flat. And then yeah, then we ended up going to East bloc combat was not a good first night because I was very, very drunk. I so my flatmate was making some delicious cocktail. I can’t remember what it was, but it was clearly very, very strong. And I had not known how strong it was until we left and then I think got it our to East block. And I was suddenly very, very drunk, and then had to leave. And not long after arriving there. Basically, like hanging on the edge of the bar. Not being a very good state. Sorry. That’s the first time was not a long visit there. So yeah, it’s not very good first. If I did go back there, load me back in which is good.

K Anderson  08:09

Okay, so let’s put that to one side. Do you remember the second time there?

Venn Smyth  08:17

Yes, then I think this guy can quite pinpoint and exact second time I feel it became kind of like a local ish place where you could go out dancing from where it was instant Newton. So I think this is Dawson superstore was the possibility for fabrics as well. The glory, I guess, was kind of the road, right, the same type of just going started. I guess it was more performance based and a bit more puppy, but in terms of like just going for a dat that opens till kind of three in the morning, maybe sometimes later. That was the place to go. So I think it sort of quickly became not regular. I wasn’t going like every week, but definitely was a regular place to kind of go and yeah, I just remember it being Yeah, quite like a dark and dingy and if you go at the wrong time is quite empty. But then there’s like the sort of magic moment where suddenly everybody just seems to arrive. And then suddenly you’re like in the middle of this packed little club and everybody’s just having a good old time.

K Anderson  09:37

So when is the wrong time? Is it just went?

Venn Smyth  09:41

Yeah, I guess like probably before? Well, definitely before midnight, I think. And then it’s probably I don’t know maybe like one and a half one is maybe like the I guess with all the like wires and stuff are kind of kicking out and people are looking for places to go Yeah, before that you could kind of be like, Look, this is a bit weird, actually, it’s a bit too quiet. But suddenly, it becomes becomes filled of bodies

K Anderson  10:13

and explained to me what the dance floor is like.

Venn Smyth  10:17

So there’s some really steep stairs counsellors on street level knee are like, kind of round the corner from Old Street somewhere, I will find it a bit hard to like, exactly where it was. And like a little smoking bit outside, you have to come back up the stairs to smoke. And then yeah, it’s a really steep steps going downstairs and there’s the cloakroom, I think it was all red walls, and then you come in, you basically come in to the bar, but it’s kind of like the dance floor. So you come in, and there’s like a small kind of bar. But then immediately, this dashboard is very small. There’s a DJ booth, the other end of the room, and then the other end is like a bar. And then that’s the that’s for in between, or the main main room anyway. But yeah, he pretty much just like come straight into it. And there’s not really, I guess there is a bar area, but it’s the same room pretty much it’s just it can, it just becomes the dance floor as well. And then then it’s kind of like a little bit weird, very small, but kind of like a little bit of a rabbit. Warren is like different, like bits that can be came off.

K Anderson  11:28

And so so what do you think are the main ingredients of a good dance floor?

Venn Smyth  11:37

Well, I mean, in terms of like a proper clubbing experience, this is not it. But in terms of a good dance floor that I think is somewhere that you can kind of just go to let loose. And you know, you’re probably going to have a fun night. At some point in the evening. I feel like small kind of grubby places that are quite dark. And kind of there’s no other option. I think it’s one of the things because the bar was so small and was basically on the dance floor. You kind of everybody just has to kind of be in that mood and that. And what everybody just has to kind of dance, because you’re kind of on the dance floor. If you go to the bar, you’re on the dance floor, basically.

K Anderson  12:22

No, but that doesn’t that mean that people are just kind of standing there and kind of begrudgingly swaying rather than getting into it?

Venn Smyth  12:30

I don’t know not from not from my experience from that bar. And I know that Yeah, I know that that can kind of be their experience. But I think it kind of I think if you’re into it, and you’re like, Okay, cool, this is what it is, you’re into it and think quite a lot I didn’t know as a member quite a few times people would come in and then leave, like quiet people because they realise there’s no there’s no real space likes, stand and talk. And like, I mean, the you can, but it’s kind of like, okay, you’re in here to have a dance basically. And so it kind of like had its own sifting, I think of people. So I don’t know what I think that is maybe just to do with the way that the space was set up. And it’s kind of I think it’s a few places I remember a place in Edinburgh called Garibaldi, which was not a career venue. But the back of my student days, which was it kind of reminds me of that a little bit, which was basically again, the downstairs venue and you come in and you’re basically on the dance floor. And it was just a place, you know, you could go and everybody’s like minded in mood for just having a dance. And having sort of something around that. And I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know how I yes, the energy of it. And I guess once you’ve been there, you kind of know that that’s other people are going to be in the same kind of mood, I guess. So. Yeah, it just became somewhere that was really somewhere that I knew that I could go and have a dance. And also I would sometimes go there by myself as well. For a dance, not it was never planned, but it would be maybe I’d been out somewhere else or Ryan, someone’s for dinner for drinks or something. And I felt that I wanted to keep keep the night going. And maybe like on the way home. We just pop in for a little biggie. And I felt comfortable for me to do.

K Anderson  14:26

Yeah, this is one of the things that I love about queers spaces and queer culture is that so many people, like haven’t been able to find their tribe unless they go to a gay bar or a queer bar or whatever. And so it’s it is far more. I don’t want to use the word normal because I hate that word. It’s far less unusual to see someone who’s there on their own. Yeah, it’s just totally acceptable.

Venn Smyth  14:58

Yeah, definitely. Um, And if you want it to be it can kind of be a signal that you are ready to kind of chat to other people and like maybe other people can pick up on that. Yeah, do other things that aren’t, which of course is part of it. Go ahead and pull. Although I don’t think I ever really pulled that much there. I know it’s surprising.

K Anderson  15:22

I am resting bitchface just makes it really hard for people to want to start a conversation with me. And and then I’m too shy to start conversations. It’s just, just not.

Venn Smyth  15:37

Well, this is where somewhere where there’s you don’t there’s no chance for you to have a conversation. How are you? How are your dance moves?

K Anderson  15:44

Oh, yeah, I mean, they just are going I was gonna say something really outdated then. Oh, just go with it. They’re on point. Great. But I think that might be a problem, though. Because I get like, I get really into the music. And then if someone is trying to hit on me, I’m like, I’m enjoying this. So can you leave me alone? Well, but you know, I’m not alone. If you want to start sorry, going.

Venn Smyth  16:16

interrupting my dance.

K Anderson  16:19

And so what happens to you when you’re on your own in a club?

Venn Smyth  16:24

Well, I mean, I guess you kind of have to? Oh, yes, you have to be have to be in the right frame of mind for it as well. Because it can then also feel quite like depressing. If


you Oh, yeah. If you’re if you get your way. Yeah, I don’t know. If you’re, yeah, if you get hopes up are

Venn Smyth  16:45

Yeah, I don’t know. Or just strike and then makes quite a few avca strike a mess. Or you just even ended up talking to Emily or, you know, that kind of thing. But I think if you isn’t, I think if you can kind of get over that and kind of just enjoy it. Even if it’s for a woman then I think that’s quite fun. And

K Anderson  17:08

so you’ve got to you’ve got to East block, you’ve you’ve been out for drinks with your friends, you on your way home, you’re like, I’m gonna get off the bus and I’m gonna go, I’m having to go in the place. The dance floor kind of consumes you at first. So you have a little dance, you have a little drink? Do you then go and make small talk? Hmm.

Venn Smyth  17:33

I’m not very much of a instigator of small talk. I’m not very good, actually. So

K Anderson  17:39

I have a look available.

Venn Smyth  17:45

I probably would starve. I probably probably just like, move around and have a little doubt and maybe try and like dance to people who I think would kind of cool. I think quite a lot of is dancing. I think that that is probably my small talk if I’m able to

K Anderson  18:01


Venn Smyth  18:03

with my body. Yeah, you know, if you like eye contact someone and just have a bit of a biggie. And then then maybe you might see them again at the bar, then that at least that’s a bit of an icebreaker. So you’ve kind of already had some sort of interaction before instead of just being like, Hi.

K Anderson  18:21

Oh, you’re right. Like I like to move. Yeah. Yeah. So

Venn Smyth  18:32

yeah, do I yeah, that’s a hard word. So I Well, I wouldn’t I was gonna say I’d like to watch myself and see what I do. I’ve not like to do that. So I don’t know. I don’t know what I do is probably like really weird. But sometimes it just happens in the chats people that stuff. But I do. Yeah, I can’t describe the moves that I have.

K Anderson  18:55

Did it happen to you like when you pluck up the courage to just talk to a random stranger? And then they say, Oh, I’m not interested. Oh, yeah, I mean, that’s Yeah, that’s, that’s horrible. Because there’s no way of coming back from that. You can’t be like, Oh, I wasn’t hitting on you. I was just making small talk, because then you’ll seem pissy. So you just have to be like, Okay, well, bye.

Venn Smyth  19:22

Yeah, that was definitely things.

K Anderson  19:24

Yeah. And then if, like, if it’s a really busy club, and there’s nowhere for you to actually physically go. Because, like, you said, you if you’re just like, not to stand, you know, that’s

Venn Smyth  19:38

the worst stuff to move, read. or pretend you’re just really enjoying that to yourself.

K Anderson  19:43

Yeah. And then and then and then just like, you know, as fate would have it, you just run into them continually for the rest of the evening as well.

Venn Smyth  19:53

And then when the lights come on, they’re like waiting at the bus stop.

K Anderson  19:55

Oh, yeah. And you’re getting the same bus. I got it. Dude, I’m just really fascinated by my shoes right now. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So it’s happened to you as well.

Venn Smyth  20:10

Oh, yeah, all the time. That’s awesome. The moment as well as you if you stay to the bitter end when everybody’s had chocolate, except it’s like, oh, well then is there some other exciting thing happening? Is someone having party? Is it somewhere else to go? That’s sometimes when you might have to if you’re wanting to then pluck up the courage to chat to people. So how do you get a sense of men? Well, I don’t know, sometimes it’s just you happen to be hanging in the right place in the jacket queue. And there’s people that are chatty, that I also feel it’s more I, I would get pulled in by someone who’s much more outgoing than me. Otherwise, I probably just get rejected and be like, well,

K Anderson  20:58

I’m just relying on someone

Venn Smyth  21:00

else. I’m just waiting for someone to talk to me because wait for four hours all night. I didn’t I’m sure there’s been altercations where I might strike up the conversation, but definitely more of a Let’s see who’s who’s got some good vibes and who’s having fun? Let’s see if they bring me am I but basically, I’m so also it’s very easy to then bring me in. So even if you were just like, Hi. Okay, cool. Where are we going? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, great. Like no questions asked. All right. Cool. Um, or Yeah, all done. So if you guys and Destler and then you’re like, Oh, actually, I think we want me to leave.

K Anderson  21:43

Maybe I should move on. Oh, no. Why did you say that? Well, you know, I guess

Venn Smyth  21:51

you can be a bit rusty. No, my moves are great. Well, you know, you don’t know overstep your mark. If people are having like, special friend night and then you’re just like the hanger hanger. hanger on.

K Anderson  22:06

Have you ever had it when there’s like a group of people and then you make out with one of them? And then there’s another person in that group who actually fancied the person that you’re making out with and you’ve just ruined everything.

Venn Smyth  22:18

Oh, we’ve ruined the whole set up the whole evening. Yeah, yeah, that’s fun. It’s dangerous dangers dangers of kissing on the dance floor. You never know what internet network you’re stepping into.

K Anderson  22:34

When the lights go on? Oh, will be revealed. Fascinating. And say this like this after party thing going to strangers houses. I never I was never like much of that. I was always just like, no, it’s three o’clock I’m gonna go home. Are there any stories that stick in your mind?

Venn Smyth  22:53

Oh, and he starts to stick in my mind. I mean, mostly just very trumpkin you know ended up like telling your whole life story and having a hard time with some random or that you’ve just met in some flat somewhere. And just feeling like you’re having the best chat of your life. Sitting having a cigarette on someone’s like windowsill and I love by I really liked those moments. I think they’re quite precious. And so I know that’s not really a tale but I feel like that’s that is kind of that is the tale I mean, that’s predominately what happens really. And you just end up talking shit to strangers but but I don’t know there’s something that I feel like we all need to do that sometimes. I guess it doesn’t always have to be through the medium of drinking lots of alcohol and smoking cigarettes. But there is something about being able to offload onto a stranger and then doing the same for you and it kind of been like it doesn’t really matter and that’s quite nice so quite like that and also just getting to see other people’s flats

K Anderson  24:13

what to have flat

Venn Smyth  24:16

yeah to flat MV arch below my flat button that mostly flat flat so much nicer. Yeah, then but then also you know sometimes then be like Oh, actually this is a bit weird. Maybe this there’s like someone who’s probably slightly odd or taking it too far. And so you have to be wary of that sometimes. Often but yeah

K Anderson  24:43

that’s the word I’ve always been so bear. So whenever whenever that whenever I’ve gone to like someone’s place after the club and like have been hanging out. I’ve always been the one that’s like she We tend to music down. Should we like try and respect your neighbours? So I don’t do too well in those situations because I’m trying to mother, everyone to be sensible everyone.

Venn Smyth  25:15

That’s an important role.

K Anderson  25:17

Oh, it’s exhausting.

Venn Smyth  25:19

Well, yeah, but I remember someone did maybe come around and tell us to turn down the music or sign somewhere. And then basically, like, like, we didn’t really know whose flat it was that we’re in some way. So someone obviously had a key, but nobody actually lived in this flight. That was with us. So then we all then eventually left and what are all the neighbours complaining? And then they locked out? like nobody lived there. Very odd.

K Anderson  25:53

Left. Wow.

Venn Smyth  25:55

Yeah. All left. And nobody left there. Well, this

K Anderson  26:00

is the this is the other thing, right? Like say, I do not understand. I mean, this. This is an extreme example that you’re giving. But I would not bring like 10 people back to my flat ever. Yeah. I just be like, Nah, guys, you’re going home? Sorry.

Venn Smyth  26:18

No, no, absolutely. I always would be the go somewhere. As opposed to come back to mine. Yeah, that wouldn’t happen. And yeah, it was just such a wow, such a level of trust or that you’ve now Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I over tea or whatever. Yeah, exactly. That you can just invite these random things that you’ve just literally just met, who have been drinking and doing who knows what I mean?

K Anderson  26:45

Yeah, I mean, like, going back to what you said, it’s very generous of those people, because it allows that magic to happen. But thankfully, that’s never been me. I’ve never woken up to discover, like, my carpets have cigarette butts out in them and that my money has been stolen. But I salute anyone who’s ever done that.

Venn Smyth  27:09

Yeah, I mean, well, exactly. And yeah, thank you to all those strangers you’ve chatted to sat in there on Windows, health, bathrooms and Windows those

K Anderson  27:21

Have you ever done like when you like had one of those heart to heart, and then saw that person again? Like a few weeks later? And they have no recollection of you?

Venn Smyth  27:34

Yeah, that has definitely happened as Yes. That’s quite odd. It’s not or so I like are all so he can’t quite place them. And then you’re suddenly like, he suddenly remember that you were just telling him? Maybe he cried. Maybe shed a tear.

K Anderson  27:55

Maybe your childhood dog named Fido and didn’t have cancer?

Venn Smyth  28:00

I do. And then if you meet them again at the club, where all began as well, maybe that’s where, you know, that’s quite nice. Full Circle. doesn’t always happen. But

K Anderson  28:14

yeah, awkward when they don’t want to talk to you. Awkward.

Venn Smyth  28:17

Yeah. Okay. Hi. Hi. Hello. You know, you wave and like, they don’t wave back. And you pretend you’re doing a dance.

K Anderson  28:25

Or waving someone behind them.

Venn Smyth  28:28

Yeah, yeah. Going out by yourself grateful.

K Anderson  28:32

Oh, is wonderful. I used to love like, you know, dancing all night sweating, getting, you know, getting married. And then when the lights come up, and everyone leaves. I was never good at loitering. So maybe I should have picked up some tips from you. So I never got invited to other people’s places. But that walk home. I just love that walk home.

Venn Smyth  28:58

Yeah, no, you’re totally right. There’s something about that. And especially if you can walk actually walk home. Like you don’t have to get on a bus or maybe even a short pass about but yeah, yeah, if there’s a way that you can walk home, even if it’s a longer walk. That’s great.

K Anderson  29:15

Yeah. Even if it’s like, an hour, two hours, it’s just wonderful.

Venn Smyth  29:20

Yeah, and there’s maybe other like people sort of falling out of places or whatever like you know, but it’s kind of quiet and yeah, also it’s got magical I always have like a really I think it was maybe there are maybe Dawson superstar but definitely somewhere walking back to that flat and stuff into when it was probably right about this time of year actually. It must have been note by myself, be not by myself yet again. But was doing that walk home, and it started snowing. And it was just like, you have this really clear recollection in my head of just how like magical it was and I was just like, Oh wow, look, but We’re in London town. You know, we in the morning, it’s snowing.

K Anderson  30:06

Well, my dream and tomorrow I’ll slip on the road because no one will have

Venn Smyth  30:13

in that moment,

K Anderson  30:15

I need to enjoy the moment more I just always like, think ahead. Like the, you know, the conversation that we were having about going to other people’s houses. I would always be like, where exactly do you live? Because is it closer to where I live? Or is it fair to buy?

Venn Smyth  30:34

It’s always like, Oh, yeah, just here. And then you’re like, we’ve been gone for like an hour. Not there.

K Anderson  30:41

I have no idea where I am. How am I gonna get home? Do I just fall asleep here and then go home in the morning? Or do I keep tissue? I just leave

Venn Smyth  30:50

that. Yeah, that’s it. How do you just keep going? Because you’re in, you’re in too deep, but you have to keep going. When do you leave? Which I yeah,

K Anderson  31:00

it’s tricky one. There is that? Yeah. It’s like when you see that’s when you when you pick someone out? Or like, Yeah, when you pick someone up in a club, and you go home with him, like, do you know, braid each other’s hair? And then it’s like, Okay, so that’s done. Should I just go to sleep? Or should I get up and go home? Like I that’s always just, it’s a conundrum

Venn Smyth  31:26

is a conundrum. And I don’t know what the what the way around that is? Really? Because if you have gone somewhere and you’re really far away, and then you have to like leave. That’s Yeah, a nightmare.

K Anderson  31:46

I mean, if it’s more than one night bias, I’m just not doing Yeah, I think if you have to swap over No, but at the same time, I cannot sleep next to a stranger.

Venn Smyth  31:56

Yeah, then that’s why then you’ve got the morning. And then that’s you know, that’s not fun.

K Anderson  32:01

The awkwardness You mean

Venn Smyth  32:03

the awkwardness in the morning? And then and then you’re trying to find your way home like in daylight and people are judging you.

K Anderson  32:13

Because you were in such a such a rush to leave that you didn’t wash your face? Yeah, I’m doing anything.

Venn Smyth  32:20

Clearly, you have no idea where you are. And you’re wearing a nice sparkly top

K Anderson  32:27

Oh, I miss that.

Venn Smyth  32:29

was very crazy. In the toilets.

K Anderson  32:35

You’re bringing this up only now.

Venn Smyth  32:38

didn’t ask the right question. Yeah, do you know

K Anderson  32:44

how do you know if someone’s cruising you?

Venn Smyth  32:46

Oh, cuz everyone just said they’re cops. Oh

K Anderson  32:50

yeah, but they’re in the toilets here of course they

Venn Smyth  32:53

know but like in a you know, not just paying way.

K Anderson  32:59

Please elaborate.

Venn Smyth  33:02

Basically, the urinals were just kind of turned into like a dark room. Except in the light. Yeah, people just you know, we’re helping each other right. You know, doing their I don’t know. Everyone’s just standing around whacking each other off and then sucking each other off basically. In the toilets,

K Anderson  33:32

well then so whatever you’d like actually needed to pay.

Venn Smyth  33:35

And well, yeah, it was quite like you had to like quite often be like, No, I’m actually just being like that had to be type situation. But there’s only happens at

K Anderson  33:49

certain point in the evening like wait 30 seconds.

Venn Smyth  33:53

Well, this only happens from about you know, like, this is like, two o’clock, three o’clock. It was like in the last hour clearly something just, you know, goes on. And suddenly you sort of notice that the toilets are really busy.

K Anderson  34:11

Isn’t that funny? That thing as well he said about like, you know, at one point the club is empty and then like yeah 10 minutes later it’s full. It’s like that all these people know these things. It’s like an unwritten rules have been written down. Yeah, very strange. And and it’s just us who don’t know.

Venn Smyth  34:28

Yeah, and then you’re like, Oh, wait, no, I’m peeing during the banking era

K Anderson  34:33

Oh, yes. Yes that well known way but like the thing is well about people when they you know you had some people are like, Oh, the club’s chatting and half an hour. I have to find someone to go home or in the last good last night just never occurred to me ever, ever just do I just always be like, oh, oh, that’s a wrap. Oh, oh, I didn’t realise it was so late. But like some people just happened like a night within them this clock telling so that it’s time to pick up

Venn Smyth  35:07

right. And so if you pick up in the last half hour, you know, it’s a desperate last attempt doesn’t make you feel good. Wow.

K Anderson  35:15

I’m not I’m not wanting to throw the fish back into

Venn Smyth  35:18

it Go for it, you know. Last. Yeah, last call last orders, not just for drinks.

K Anderson  35:27

I see what you did there.

Venn Smyth  35:28

There’s a lot to do. And you have to get your coats as well. It’s intense.

K Anderson  35:35

Getting your coat? Yeah, that’s stressful. No, see, this is one thing that my my inner clock does kick in for you leave?


I bet you’re right. You know when to get Yeah, yeah, like, leave about 10 minutes before the shots, go get your car.

K Anderson  35:52

Because otherwise you’re gonna be in this long queue.

Venn Smyth  35:54

But then, are you ever with people who then are like, No, I want to keep on dancing, and you’re like, come on, and then go back and cook for them instead. Does that happen to you? Um,

K Anderson  36:07

no. I mean, I’m not that uptight. I’ll just be like, Okay, fine. Fine, we’ll stand up to you. And I’ll just be passive aggressive about it.

Venn Smyth  36:15

It’s true. You have to be the cue, but then also quite annoying to leave the dance floor. If you’re in that moment. I remember that people used to leave. I also I can’t believe I ever actually did this base. Leave my bag and jacket, just like on the dance floor. There’s like, some stools there underneath. One of like, the sort of bar things. And there’s just like a massive big pile of coats and jackets. And bags, and Oh, yeah. And

K Anderson  36:44

when you’re like, I’m not paying a pound.

Venn Smyth  36:46

Yeah. Just like, like, I’ve definitely, I’ve pretty sure at least lost one jacket during that time. from doing that, and yeah, it’s getting. I know sad.

K Anderson  37:01

Yeah, I want to describe the jacket. Maybe someone’s found

Venn Smyth  37:09

it was a nice like cream number actually. Yeah. Which also is not an idea. He’s on the floor. He does that on a little like, black panel at the front. Can like you know, pinched around the waist and the wrists. I mean, of course it’s okay, I left my corset.

K Anderson  37:38

Okay, so listeners if you found this jacket, please let us know. Did you ever go to Eastern Bloc? Well, if you did, I want to hear all about it. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the user name K Anderson music and tell me what you got up to. You can also find out more about van including his upcoming releases by following him on Instagram. His user name is Ben Smith. v double n SMYTH. La spaces is not only a podcast, but a concept record as well. I’ve been writing songs about queer venues and the people who used to live their lives there. And we’ll be releasing songs over the coming year. You can hear the first single well groomed boys which is also playing underneath my talking right now on all good streaming platforms. If you liked this episode, I would really appreciate if you subscribed, left a review on Apple podcasts or just told someone who you think might be interested in giving it a little listen to I am K Anderson and you have been listening to loss of spaces.