Lost queer spaces, cherished memories

a podcast about lost queer venues and the impact they had on the people who drank, danced and loved within them… 


So, by now you’ve probably heard that LGBTQIA+ venues are closing at a rapid rate as gentrification reshapes cities and bar-culture is replaced with app-culture.
…and, so what? Why is it important? Do we even need queer bars anymore?
Lost Spaces is a conversation based podcast where every week host K Anderson speaks to a different person about a lost queer space from their past, what they got up to there, and how it helped to shape the person they’ve become.
(Ok, ok. Sometimes they also talk about who they snogged there)
From small-town bars to big city superclubs, the 80s up until now (well, now-ish), every episode visits a different venue and examines why these places were important, how they helped shape us, and what we lose when we lose them.

Episodes are released every Wednesday.

Previous guests

Pandora Boxx

Advice for my younger self? "Just be a slut, girl! Be the blonde slut that you know you are! You'll make more money!"

Ultra Nate

A little snogging is cute... A moment is cute. But if, like, that’s your destination for the night... you’re just in the way... you need to carry on over there in the corner. Get out of the way because the dance floor is for dancing...

sade giliberti

Sade Giliberti

Hello! Have you heard of lesbian drama?

Meet Your Host

K Anderson

London based singer-songwriter K Anderson has made a name for himself through his self-deprecating, and deeply personal, songwriting. Best known for his 2014 single ’14 Year Old Me’, a song in which he apologises to his younger self for being ‘weak willed, and a little bit slutty’, Anderson has never been afraid to open up about, and poke fun at, his own experiences. 

It’s this same candidness that he brings to the conversations he has with guests on the show, laughing at the peculiarities of queer life.