Funniest Lesbian Bar Names

best lesbian bar names

Lesbian bars are disappearing at an accelerated rate.  It’s important that we acknowledge and remember those that have gone, and celebrate those few lesbian bars that still exist.  Following the recent list of funniest gay bar names, this list pulls together the best named lesbian bars from around the world.   And the same apology that […]

10 Best Songs About Drag Queens

drag queens songs

Drag queens. Glamourous… Charming… Slightly intimidating… Having gone from queer oddity to mainstream marvel, the drag queen has never been more popular.  So it’s the perfect time to celebrate the stories and anecdotes about drag queens captured in song.  Drag Queens in Limousines Mary Gauthier ‘I hated high school’, starts the title track from […]

10 Best Gay History Podcasts

progress flag best gay history podcasts

Always wanted to find out more about gay history, but never been sure where to start? Want to expand your knowledge beyond the Stonewall riots? Hear personal stories from people who helped change the world? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve put together my recommendations of the 10 best gay history podcasts. From the chatty to […]

Are There Straight Drag Queens?

dame edna straight drag queen

Drag royalty Alaska Thunderfuck once said ‘straight people love to steal from drag queens. It happens all the time’.  And though she may have been referring to Taylor Swift at the time, the same can be said of the art of drag.  After all, why should us queers have all the fun? There’s room for everybody in the world of drag.  We’ve […]

10 Best Fictional Gay Bars in Film

elm street best gay bars in film

What are the best fictional gay bars featured in films?  Until very recently homosexuality was the butt of every joke in Hollywood movies, and so it’s hard to find films where queers aren’t depicted as one-dimensional, perverted or tormented individuals.  So, I rolled my sleeves up and fired up my VCR (ok, I streamed films […]

10 Best RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap Podcasts

sibling rivalry best drag race recap podcast

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of RuPaul’s Drag Race recap podcasts out there? Not sure which one to commit to? Well, you’ve come to the right place – I listened so that you don’t have to! To celebrate my recent episode with Pandora Boxx I’ve put together my recommendations of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race […]

Funniest Gay Bar Names

funniest gay bar names

What are the funniest gay bar names? Go to most large cities and you’ll stumble upon bars with names like The Eagle or Rainbow Lounge on the gay scene. But, which cities can boast to have smuttily named bars like 3-Legged Cowboy or Head Hunters? This list celebrates the creative and absurd bar owners the world […]

10 Best Songs About Queer Bars

queer bar

For most of us queer bars are the places where we go to find ourself, explore our identities freely, or lock eyes (and potentially other body parts) with a romantic interest. They’re where we have first dates, first kisses and epiphanies on the dance floor. So how come they’re rarely sung about in songs?  When […]